Careers. Uncomplicated.

Considering a mid-career change but don’t know where to begin or what would be more fulfilling?

Are you a student or recent grad trying to figure out what to do for a career or how to get your first (or next) job…or a worried parent of one?

Know what you want to do next but need expert branding and strategy?

An executive or manager whose team (or yourself) could benefit from professional development or leadership coaching?

Are you a family grappling with how your young adult in recovery from addiction can get a career going, or even “just a job”?

With insightful career counseling, pragmatic career coaching, and engaging training and development programs, Tullier Consulting simplifies complex situations, leading to success and satisfaction for individuals and organizations.

Career Counseling & Coaching

College students, recent grads, and young adults needing academic major selection, career testing, career planning, understanding the world of work, internship/job searching.

Defining new directions at mid-career or senior level for more satisfaction or work-life-values alignment.

Positioning and packaging for promotions or career transition, including coaching on personal branding, networking strategy, and job search.

Specialized career services, including parent programs, for individuals in recovery from substance abuse/addiction and/or transitioning from therapeutic treatment.

Professional Presentation

Resumes that pass muster with Applicant Tracking Systems and human eyes.

LinkedIn profiles that reflect your unique brand and professional story.

Conversion of lengthy CVs from academia or the professions to brief resumes for business/industry.

Communications coaching so you can make your best first impression in networking or interviewing or to enhance your executive presence.

Organizational Consulting

Employer-sponsored coaching of employees and executives for better engagement, teamwork, and leadership.

Interactive training and hands-on workshops for internal career management and professional development.

Programs tailored for corporate, higher education, and nonprofit settings.

Consultation on career services programs and in-service training for staff working with young adults and professionals in recovery, such as extended/continuing care, IOPs, parent programs, and collegiate recovery.

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