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“It’s rare to find someone willing to go above and beyond for you in ways you never expected but Michelle did exactly that. When I initially began working with Michelle, I was hoping to figure out my major and how to obtain a summer internship. She helped me see how I can combine my interests, values, and priorities for my future career, and she updated my resume and helped me create a LinkedIn profile. Michelle was quick to respond to email, extremely flexible with my hours, and very understanding. She makes you feel as if you are talking to a friend and it is evident that she loves helping others any way she can.”
Pam B.

College Sophomore, New York

“Michelle is a trusted advisor I return to again and again when I need executive level career coaching to navigate career moves. She always helps me think strategically through options and provides excellent guidance on tactical matters once I’m pursuing those options.”
Lance W., returning client since 2003

Tech Industry Senior Executive, Atlanta

“After working with Michelle, I feel a refreshed sense of personal accountability that motivates and encourages me to live and work according to my truer self. She’s skilled at excavating precisely the right personal branding content and knows how to challenge and encourage me to craft practical, productive and forward-looking narratives that open ambitious thresholds of opportunity. I feel fully equipped to pivot my professional path and, thanks to her support, I’m emotionally and mentally confident to move deliberately forward in the direction I intend.”

Phil K.

Creative Services Director, Atlanta

“Michelle’s coaching challenged me to direct my years of experience and skills to a path and set of opportunities that matched my shifting passions and goals.”

David G., returning client since 2005

Sales Executive, Consultant, Non-Profit Leader, Atlanta

“I had built a successful career in retail and fashion when alcoholism derailed me. I went from being a selling superstar with some of the best retailers in town to dog-walking during the day and hosting in a restaurant at night. Once I was stable enough in my recovery, Michelle helped me see my strengths and marketable qualities. She gave me expert advice about my resume, LinkedIn, and job search strategy. With some persistence, I ended up landing a great job faster than I expected, and I am so very happy. Michelle not only gave me the tools to achieve a great position, but self-confidence as well.”



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